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Why does it go wrong?

The air conditioning system is made up of many components and any one of them can fail leading to a breakdown. Not having enough gas and oil will always cause problems, but there are also belts, rollers and bearings that can wear out, electromagnetic coils that can burn out and sometimes the system can get hit by debris from the road.

How can I help to prevent a failure?

Regular servicing is the only real way to look after your air conditioning system. We can check your system thoroughly, repairing any faults and recommending replacement of any components that are becoming worn or should be replaced as part of preventative maintenance.

Air Conditioning

How to keep your cool

Air conditioning is not only about the comfort of the driver and passengers. The air conditioning is part of the engine cooling system, and can help to prevent breakdowns due to overheating. If you don't want a problem like this in the future bring your car to us for a regular air conditioning service.

Air Conditioning Servicing

Your air conditioning system requires both gas and oil and these will run out over time. If you run the air conditioning system without enough gas or oil you can really damage it causing very costly repairs.

For just £75 (£180 for R1234yf gas) we can service your air conditioning system. We evacuate any remaining gas and remove the old oil from the system before filling it with fresh gas and oil, following the manufacturer specifications. Your air conditioning system will then run more efficiently and you won't have to worry about any failures.