JEM  SUBARU Fault Diagnosis


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Can I just keep driving?

The engine management light comes when the ECU has detected a fault. This fault could be related to one of the safety systems. If you continue to drive the car you could be putting yourself, passengers or pedestrians at risk therefore you should immediately contact your service centre to diagnose and rectify the fault.

What can happen if I keep driving?

If the warning light has illuminated due to the ECU detecting a fault with the engine or associated components the car will no longer be running at optimum settings. Therefore if you continue to drive you could further damage the engine or catalytic converters causing very expensive repair bills.

Fault Diagnosis

Every car is controlled by a computer called an electronic control unit or ECU which are used to operate and monitor the car's components. There are sensors all over the car feeding information back to the ECU. The ECU then tells other components of the car to change what they're doing, so that the whole system performs at its optimum at all times.

Dash warning light

Have you noticed a warning light that looks like a picture of an engine come up on your dash lately? This is the Engine Management Light and it means that the ECU has detected a problem. When this happens, it's important to bring your car in as soon as possible. It may be something dangerous, so don't take the risk - get in touch right away.


Checking the fault

The ECU keeps a record of every fault it detects. This means that when you bring your car into us, we can connect a diagnostic tester to extract that information even if the light is no longer on. It's an invaluable tool, as some faults can be almost invisible in a stationary car. The ECU acts like a security camera, telling us where to look and what to look for. We've invested a small fortune in purchasing the very latest dealer level SUBARU diagnostic equipment available to enable us to diagnose faults quickly and efficiently thus saving you time and expense.