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Why did my wheel alignment go out of specification?

Wheels can get misaligned in several different ways. Everyday driving over speed humps will eventually affect the alignment, and driving against a kerb or hitting a pothole can knock a wheel out altogether. The problem can also be caused by issues with your steering or suspension. If we notice your wheels are misaligned, we will double-check your steering and suspension components and bushes to see if further repairs are required.

Can I just leave it as it is?

Incorrect wheel alignment is often an invisible problem, but it can cause serious issues further down the line. Excessive and uneven tyre wear will mean you'll have to replace your tyres more often, costing you money. Worse is the altered handling of your car or van, especially the increased stopping distances. Leaving your tyres misaligned could cost you your life.

Wheel Alignment

Get your wheel alignment checked

Did you know that your wheels can be misaligned? This happens over time, which is why vehicle manufacturers recommend that you have your wheel alignment checked every year.

Every car has different optimum alignment settings. Using our computerised laser wheel alignment equipment we check the direction and angle of your wheels against the manufacturer's specifications, adjusting them until they match the recommendations for your model. We'll give you a printout showing how far out of specification your car was before we started, what the manufacturers specifications are and how close to the optimum settings we managed to adjust your car to, all for only £72.

Our advanced wheel alignment system

We're proud to be able to offer you the very latest equipalignmentment on the market. The Hunter Elite TD Advanced Alignment System is second to none when it comes to optimising the alignment of your vehicle's wheels.